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7-5 Ranch

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Payments and Procedures

   Just Ask If You Have Any Questions!! or would like something Special or some other arrangement that would better work for you!!!!!

Payments & Procedures

Our main goal is to make sure all parties involved are happy with their new purchase & our horses find a great home. Buying a horse, especially off the internet from someone you don't know, is a big deal, and we all want to be on the same page so we don't have misunderstandings & we both have a great experience.

These are general rules we have found that we follow when selling horses that make the sale the most comfortable for both us and for you. Unless a contract specifies otherwise, the following guidelines apply for all of our sales:

Any horse for sale requires full payment or else a non-refundable deposit to hold (generally 20% of the sale price or $500, whichever is higher) unless the amount of the deposit was agreed upon to be different by both 7-5 Ranch and the buyer.  

We prefer to have a sale/purchase contract for all sales, but require it for any sale where the horse will remain longer than 15 days or the buyer is making payments on the horse. This is for both your protection and ours.  

  • Whether a sales contract is in place or not, our procedures are still the same. Some of these procedures include: 
    A horse is not considered reserved until a deposit has been made, or sold unless full price is received & cleared by 7-5 RANCH

    Deposits: are non-refundable and can hold horses for a short period of time (based upon agreement between buyer and seller) to allow you to arrange shipping and/or reach a contract with us. Contract is required if we are expected to keep the horse for more than 2 weeks after receiving a deposit...this is to protect both the buyer and us. To ensure you are happy with your decision, we will make every effort to answer all of your questions about the horse(s) you are interested in.

  • Health Care: Foals are dewormed after 4 months of age & on a regular rotation thereafter. All mares are usually vaccinated prior to foaling so foals will have antibodies. All yearlings & adult horses are vaccinated annually & are trimmed & dewormed on a regular rotation. Any other specific vaccines can be given if requested and at buyer's expense.

  • Horses are sold "as is at the time of sale," and we are not responsible for illnesses, injuries, or other health issues that become apparent after we sell a horse. Please ask questions when buying any horse (no matter who you buy from), so you feel comfortable that the horse is what you are looking for. We do not try to hide any known negatives about our horses as we want all parties to be happy with their new purchase and our horses to have the best homes possible. 

  • We are not liable for future unwelcome discoveries. For example, if a new genetic condition is discovered a few years down the road in a bloodline our horses possess, we do not offer refunds. Other examples may apply. When a horse is offered for sale, we do our best to make known ALL known issues about the horse, and you are always welcome to ask additional questions!

  • Registration: Foals sold during their birth year are usually registered but may be sold with the breeders' certificate and transfer paper. This can allow the buyer to make up and assign their own name for the foal's registration papers.

  • Board: We do not charge board for 15 days following the purchase of a horse and will provide the horse the same care we give our own until the horse can be picked up/transported. Beyond the 15 day period, a board fee may be established, unless otherwise agreed upon. This varies based upon the age/gender of the purchased horse.

Death or Injury During Extended Board: If you request that we keep a horse longer than 15 days after its purchase, please be aware that if the horse dies or is injured, you are liable for vet bills.

--This is because we stop pursuing the sale of a horse once a reservation is made. Therefore, we are doing the favor of allowing the buyer to leave a horse at our property to give the buyer more time to pay for their new horse.

--The expense to us is that we are no longer able to sell the horse to a buyer that would immediately take their new horse home.

--Payments made may not be refunded.

--We highly recommend insuring any horse you can't transport home in a timely manner to protect yourself should a death of the horse occur.

Insurance: Mortality insurance coverage is strongly recommended for any sale where the horse will not be picked up within 2 weeks, unless otherwise agreed upon. This is a very inexpensive "peace of mind" action for both you and us!

Payment Due Date: Full payment is required & all checks must be cleared prior to releasing the horse unless the buyer is bringing cash or other prior arrangements have been made. We recommend paying in full if you are working on shipping arrangements as some companies may be available to book you immediately. 

  • * cash
    * checks, cashier's checks and money orders (with a 1-week or longer hold period for checks to clear).
    * Paypal (buyer is responsible for any fees incurred in sending funds. Email for details on how to send funds without fees)

  • Pre-purchase exams are optional & welcome, and can be done at the buyer's expense.
  • Any additional color genetic or other testing is welcome & can be done at the buyer's expense that has not already been done on a horse. 
    Coggins and health papers are at buyers expense, and need to be obtained if you are out of state or transporting with a commercial hauler. Please give as much notice as possible, as sometimes the Coggins tests take a week.

    --If you postpone the transportation of a horse/foal, and if we have to obtain a new coggins/health paper, that will be at your expense.

  • Special health paperwork necessary for shipping out of the country is at the buyer's expense (usually, the quarantine station completes any special testing needed for export.
  • We do consider trades from time to time if you email with any pertinant details.

    Please feel free to email or call anytime with any questions. We are always open to other ideas/suggestions.
  • Kim Cook 281-356-5372 or cell 713-818-2066
  • [email protected]

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